Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some of the most common accounting questions we often hear and our answers to them. If you have a question that's not listed, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to help.
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Do you offer remote bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services?

Yes, we’ll handle accounting needs across the US. We have accountants in Denver, Houston & New York.


What are standard office hours?

Monday – Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM MT



What benefits are there to outsourcing accounting needs?

Having a remote bookkeeper or accountant allows you to save money while hiring someone well versed in accounting practices. You no longer have to cover the cost a full time employee. Your dedicated outsourced accountant will offer better support than those in-house, as we provide teams and resources full of knowledge. Our highly skilled and experienced bookkeepers will let you get back to what you do best.


What qualifications do your bookkeepers and accountants have?

We require a minimum of two years of experience prior to joining our team. Each employee must pass rigorous on-boarding exams based on ethics, GAAP, and IFRS to meet our quality benchmark. 



What software is used for bookkeeping?

Our bookkeepers are well trained in QuickBooks. We choose QuickBooks because it integrates with many other software systems and is great for importing and exporting data.


Will I have access to my books?

No. We firmly believe the books are best left to the professional accountants and bookkeepers. However, we can provide you with reporting.


What if I need a report I don’t have?

Your dedicated bookkeeper is always happy to provide you with whatever report you’re looking for. Ask and you shall receive.



What is standard tax prep turnaround time?

Personal taxes can generally be completed within a day. Schedule C tax prep can take a handful of days. Corporate tax returns may take up to two weeks. Quarterly and estimated taxes will take less time.


What qualifications do your tax specialists have?

For our tax specialists, we require a minimum of two years of prior tax experience. We require them to go through rigorous testing to ensure they are well equipped with the proper knowledge. 


What if I owe money to the IRS?

We can help you get on a payment plan that meets your  budget. We understand these forms can be confusing, but our tax specialists are well versed in working with the IRS and are able to handle this for you. 

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