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Our team of tax specialists are here to defeat your tax woes. We work alongside our clients to reach the best outcome we can. We offer a wide variety of quality tax services
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Accuracy is Priority

Our seasoned tax specialists have seen it all and know the best route for you and your business. We want to make sure everything is zipped up, so when your specialist drafts your tax documents, another specialist reviews prior to submission. This helps us make sure any possible deduction is found and applied, minimizing amounts owed and maximizing returns.


Tax Preparation

It’s important to organize and prepare your return and not rush into it. We’ll handle the process and ensure it has been thoroughly scrutinized.


Tax Filing

Once your return has been prepped then it’s time to send for tax filing. We’ll make sure you’re personal or business tax return is accurate and on time.


IRS Audit Help

It’s never fun to be audited by the IRS. We can help if it happens. Our team and network of resources is extensive and high quality.

Built on Ethics

We always choose to do the right thing. Whether you’re looking for general consult or more in-depth answers, your tax professional will take the time to explain the proper route and why. Rest assured, our advice is built on what will help you and your company best.

Professional Tax Services

Professional tax services are important for a business of any size to ensure that their financial reporting is accurate and current. American Accounting can provide that and much more.

Helping with an Audit

We’re here to help you get through your audit as efficiently as possible to keep any incurred liabilities to a minimum level. Our team of past IRS agents, tax attorneys and more are at your disposal.

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American accounting offers an exceptional service. I used them for my taxes and they did a fast and efficient job. I am planning to keep them to handle my accounting and tax needs in the future. Highly recommend taking advantage of this company’s professional accountants.

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